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ENG. It’s official! Alongside the Barcelona Clarinet Players and the choreographer Constanza Brncic, I’m working on a show with book and CD for L’Auditori (Barcelona). It is called “Planeta Clarinet” (Planet Clarinet) and now you can buy the tickets. More information soon!

CAT. Ja és oficial! Junt als Barcelona Clarinet Players i la coreògrafa Constanza Brncic, estic treballant en un espectacle amb llibre i CD per L’Auditori. Es diu “Planeta Clarinet” i ja podeu comprar les entrades. Aviat, més informació!

ESP. ¡Ya es oficia! Junto a los Barcelona Clarinet Players i la coreógrafa Constanza Brncic, estoy trabajando en un espectáculo con libro y CD para L’Auditori. Se llama “Planeta Clarinet” (Planeta Clarinete) y ya podéis comprar las entradas. ¡Pronto más información!

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“La Patum” is a traditional festival celebrated in Berga (Catalonia) declared by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2005. You can find more information in the Wikipedia: Patum of Berga.
The most solemn moment is probably “El ball de l’Àliga” (The Dance of the Eagle). I’ve drawn his protagonist 🙂

©Xavi_Ramiro -

The impressive dance (starts at 3:45″):

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